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"Where Beauty Meets Precision: Elevating Your Essence with Premium, High-Quality, and Professional Care."

Founded in 2014 by Oksana Kapitanova, a highly qualified pharmacist-cosmetologist and perfumery-cosmetic products technologist, our venture embodies the essence of beauty, premium quality, and professionalism. Oksana's educational journey, including studies at the Kharkiv National Pharmaceutical University and specialized training in Germany and France, reflects her commitment to excellence. Inspired by a passion for skincare, she established the brand in 2014, evolving from an Instagram skincare selection shop to an offline store in Kharkiv in 2018, and later expanding to Kyiv in 2023. With a rich background in cosmetology and a belief in our motto, 'Where Beauty Meets Precision,' Oksana consistently leads our team to curate a range of premium, high-quality, and professional skincare products. Our mission is to elevate your beauty experience, offering not just products but a journey of refined care.

This timeline showcases our founder's continuous dedication to education, professional growth, and the establishment of a brand synonymous with expertise and passion for skincare.

Timeline of Our Expertise:

• 2004-2010: Graduated from the National Pharmaceutical University, by completing a master's degree in in perfumery-cosmetic product technology, with a focus on becoming a pharmacist-cosmetologist.

• 2007-2009: Graduation from the medical college of the Kharkiv Postgraduate Education Institute, specializing in nursing, with a focus on becoming a "junior specialist."

• 2009: Internship in Germany, specializing in cosmetology.

• 2010: Internship at Martinex, focusing on chemical peels and their professional applications.

• 2010: Internship in France, gaining insights into the Gernetic brand.

• 2009-2012: Lead cosmetologist at the Continent salon in Kharkiv, acquiring hands-on experience and honing skills.

• 2010: Teaching role at Martinex, sharing knowledge with others.

• 2011-2012: Instructor at the Academy of Scientific Beauty, teaching basic cosmetology to aspiring

• 2013-2014: Lead specialist in sales at the Academy of Scientific Beauty.

• 2014: Leveraging over 5 years of experience, creation of one of Ukraine's first skincare selection shops on Instagram: Kapitanova_lux_cosmetics.

• 2018: Opening of the first offline store in Kharkiv at Sumskaya 71.

• 2018-2019: Leading trainer in Ukraine for prestigious brands 3Lab and Swiss Perfection.

• 2018: Obtaining a certificate in trichology.

• 2020: Establishment of a 200 sq.m. logistics hub.

• 2020: Creating private label "by Kapitanova," a Ukrainian home care brand focusing on natural ingredients for the entire family.

• 2023: Opening the second offline store in Kyiv at Citadelna 5/9.

• 2023: honoured to be “is clinical” brand-ambassador in Ukraine.

Each client not only benefits from expert consultations tailored to their individual needs but also enjoys the opportunity to explore a curated selection of products at our locations.

Our skilled team provides personalized advice, drawing on their extensive knowledge and taking into account the preferences of our loyal customers who have previously purchased from us.

Our team, consisting of over 30 specialists across diverse fields, undergoes regular training to ensure we provide our clients with professional advice.

At our online store, Kapitanova.com.ua, we consistently enrich our selection with the finest care products for the entire family, including:
  • facial care
  • body care
  • hair care
  • men's grooming
  • children's care
  • hair accessories.

We proudly collaborate with official cosmetics suppliers from various countries:
Japan, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Monaco, Greece, Ukraine, and the UK.

Working directly with official representatives of the brands featured on our website, we offer genuine and high-quality luxury cosmetics, backed by all the necessary certifications.

As a token of our gratitude, we believe that embracing beauty, pursuing excellence, and prioritizing self-care are essential aspects of a fulfilled and vibrant life.

Thank you for entrusting us with your skincare journey!

Политика компании NAPURA Важная информация! Официальный поставщик NAPURA в Украине, согласно политике бренда, запрещает свободную продажу своих косметических средств, в том числе в обычных интернет-магазинах и социальных сетях. Товары iS CLINICAL можно купить исключительно после консультации с косметологом, то есть препараты должен назначать специалист. Интернет-магазин kapitanova.com.ua является онлайн-витриной студии by Kapitanova, в которых продаётся официальная косметика iS CLINICAL. Мы создали удобный сервис, чтобы Вы могли купить косметику. Вы можете официально купить продукцию iS CLINICAL в by Kapitanova только при наличии рекомендационного листа, оформленного исключительно специалистами by Kapitanova. Рекомендации других специалистов для заказов не принимаем.

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